Hi, I’m Melanee, and here’s a brief history of who I am, what I do, and why we should be friends:

I was born at sunrise in the hippie town of Eugene Oregon, to a headstrong 18-year-old blues musician who chose to sign me away for good to a hopefully better life. Twenty-eight years later we would meet over long and vibrant letters, sharing our love of red lipstick, sassy satire, academics, and a twin knack for cramming spiral notebooks with poetic lyrics under our beds.

My hairdressing mother-to-be, a fearless and stately woman, saw my face in a dream before my birth. She’d later confess to me her sole goal in life – to adopt enough children to fill a church bench, and that is what she did. Just after my seventh birthday, she put my tall older brother and me in the backseat of our new red Buick, and my dad drove all of us to Mexico to adopt the first of six small babies. After we’d all arrived, she’d march her motley crew up the church aisle each Sunday head high, and we’d fill a whole pew.

My mother built her own yellow bricked house ground up on the large country block, and designed her own hair salon in the basement. The only brown-skinned people for miles – my cute siblings – lived in that 70’s house, and we were the the tabloid of the town. Oh, the stories I could tell, but you might understand why I am drawn to love people in the margins, under the radar, the ragged, the outliers, the overlooked, the non-fitters, the eccentrics, those on their last leg of hope, and any human being with enough grit and grace to rise towards their dreams.

I love academics with all of my heart, and received my B.S. degree in Family and Human Development, with grad work in Marriage and Family Therapy. I’m a Certified Transformative Coach®, (aka Supercoach), an award winning poet, (nothing fancy), a children’s yoga instructor, a mindfulness educator, a contributor to a local lifestyle paper, and a devotee of a dear husband who kayaks to work on the river near our house.

My greatest joy in life is being a mother and teacher to my three thoughtful, vibrant daughters whom I homeschooled for many years. According to them, my parenting/teaching style is playful, imaginative, intuitive, fun, hopeful, artistic, academically demanding, passionate, endlessly curious, principled, sensitive and idealistic. Yep. Sounds about right.

The Work that I Love:






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